Conference program

Conference program

Program overview for VC2022 (PDF)

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Changes in the program

Tuesday, July 12:

Session 3: The talk by Radek Cibulka will be replaced with “Asen L. Dontchev memorial session” with Terry Rockafellar as main speaker.

Session 5: The talk by Silvia Faggian is cancelled.

Session 6: The talk by Jodi Dianetti is cancelled.

Wednesday, July 13:

Session 33: The talk by Jacco Thijssen is cancelled.

Thursday, July 14:

Session 48: The talk by Anton Bondarev is cancelled.The next two talks (by Javier de Frutos and Ekaterina Gromova)will be shifted 25 min earlier to avoid the empty slot.

Session 53: The talk by E. Khmelnitsky is cancelled.

Friday, 15 July:

Session 62: The first talk (by Ben Heijdra) and the second talk (by Pim Heijnen) will be interchanged.

Session 65: The talk by Yuliya Kulikova is cancelled.