Special sessions

Special Sessions

Stream 1:

R. Baier, E. Farkhi: Set-valued approximation in control and optimization

R. Bot, A. Daniilidis: Continuous Optimization: Theory and Applications

R. Cibulka: Variational analysis in optimization and control

M. Falcone, M. Palladino: Optimal control and Machine Learning

T. Faulwasser, K. Worthmann: Data-driven and learning-based control

S. Federico, G. Ferrari: Stochastic control models in economics and finance

H. Frankowska, M. Quincampoix: Optimal control and calculus of variations on metric spaces

L. Grüne: Recent advances in Model Predictive Control

N. Hayek, S. Pickenhain: Infinite horizon optimal control and applications

J. Pfefferer, A. Rösch: Numerical analysis for PDE constrained optimization

Scientific Committee: contributed talks

Stream 2:

P. Bettiol, V. Milisic, J.Rouot: Optimal control and applications on biology and medicine

G. Feichtinger, A. Seidl: Optimal control in production, logistics and marketing

F. Gozzi, G. Fabbri, S. Faggian: Infinite dimensional economic dynamics

F. Gozzi, G. Fabbri, S. Faggian: Mathematical models for the human impact on the environment

D. Grass, S. Wrzaczek: Covid-19: optimal control approaches

J. Haunschmied, W. Semmler: Economic Dynamics with Regime Switching

B. Heijdra, P. Heijnen: Dynamic Economic Policy

M. Kopel: Dynamic Games in Industrial Organization

P. Kort: Dynamics of firm

M. Kuhn: Dynamics of firm and health care

L. Lambertini: Dynamic games in environmental and resource economics

V. Peneva: Industrial applications (open for submissions without personal invitation)

A. Prskawetz, M. Sanchez: Population ageing and inequality

T. Upmann: Dynamic resource and environmental economics in spatial domains

S. Wrzaczek: Dynamic games and applications

Scientific Committee: contributed talks